Monday, 5 September 2016

Jar of Love ft Balloon Builder - For You


A quick idea for this week's Global Design Project theme challenge #gdp051 (I still hope to make the deadline)!

A quick card to wish someone a speedy recovery!

This week's theme - Food!

Jellybeans for those of us that cannot have the real thing!

This week's theme challenge - food!

A pretty bow to make it a gift!

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I did'nt mask of the Jelly beans but definitely something to do if you have more time!

There you go!I hope you love the idea! Let me know

Take care!

Mel xx


  1. Very clever and looks bright and cheery. Love the concept with jelly beans instead of flowers xo

  2. As soon as I saw this I thought ... where on earth are those jelly beans from!!!! Great idea to pair those two stamp sets together!
    ps - I am way behind with checking out entries for the Global Design Project. Back to school with the kids had me all over the place. Thank-you for taking the challenge! - Krista Frattin from Canada

    1. Thanks for taking time comment Krista! I know how busy back to school can keep you!